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Welcome to our podcast focused on all things impacting growth, value and the sustainability of privately held businesses.  Contact if you would like to submit a topic for discussion, questions about the podcast or have question about your succession planning environment.

Family and Employee Livelihoods Depend on Success of Business

2022-08-03T05:57:19-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog, Succession Success Stories, Video|

Many lives depend upon the business's ongoing success, employees, families, and community. Succession planning is an investment that returns incredible dividends. Whether you are looking to transition ownership or sell for the highest multiple, succession planning ensures you have the right amount of capital, the right people to lead, and [...]

Evaluating What and Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing

2022-07-25T12:24:48-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Energy, Succession Blog, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

In this episode, “Your Tribe” discusses the “hats” we wear regarding our responsibilities in relationships, at home, at work, and the standards we impose on ourselves. If only “de-committing” were as easy as someone telling you to “Just Stop It,” but it’s not because most of what we have taken on [...]

Integrating Family is Tricky

2022-08-03T05:55:17-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog, Succession Success Stories, Video|

Integrating family into the business is a tricky process. Commonly, owners are either too easy or too hard on their kids, and with no formal process, next-generation flounders. Insecurities and resentment grow in this environment, impacting professional development and family relationships. Succession planning provides formality and discipline for the family [...]

Chastang Ford – Houston Ford Dealer

2022-08-04T15:21:07-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Success Stories, Video|

As a first-generation business owner, Joe Chastang has built a solid and successful diversified business in downtown Houston, TX. Initially, an employee of Volvo heavy truck, starting in 1991, Joe purchased a Volvo franchise in '94 when Volvo decided to eliminate their corporate-owned stores. After nine years of ownership, and [...]

It is Possible to Be Equitable

2022-04-08T13:58:58-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog, Succession Palooza - Celebrating Succession, Succession Success Stories, Video|

Thirty-five years ago, Roland Spongberg started a restaurant company with one El Pollo Loco in Long Beach, CA. Today, WKS Restaurant Company employs 12,000 employees across 375 restaurants in 19 states operating Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Krispy Kreme, and Wendy’s. From a pure family perspective, with six children, Roland initially [...]

Nothing Has Meaning, But the Meaning YOU Give It

2022-06-09T17:25:06-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Agriculture, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

We are all dealing with something, whether it be a small inconvenience that throws the day off or losing someone you love. Whatever we are mentally and emotionally juggling influences communication and interactions with loved ones, friends, and work settings. The ability to recognize what may be influencing our behaviors [...]


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